Hola! My name is Mike Riley and I am a professional product photographer and the founder of Gram Commercial Photography. After coming to Spain many years ago as a student, I fell in love with the art of photography and the city of Barcelona, which I now feel priviliged to call my home.

We focus on the small stuff, so you can create the big picture…

I started my photography career doing different kinds of portraits, using mostly natural light and generally working outdoors. In addition, I also worked in many different fields of photography in my early days including events, portraits and products. Eventually, I began to specialise in commercial and professional product photography.

As I began to specialise in studio lighting, I also learned the special macro photography techniques which allow us to capture the even the smallest products in stunning detail. My macro product photography work is what inspired me to coin the name “Gram”, and it also reflects our attention to the smallest details in our work.

I created Gram Commercial Photography because I found that doing professional product photography gave me a very high level of control over the images. I really enjoyed the level of creative freedom that I am still exploring and enjoying today. I am thankful for the buzz I get from working with each and every client, and from helping them communicate with their customers effectively using the power of photography.

product photography studio

With years of product photography experience, we know that the devil is in the detail. We really know how to make you product stand out with perfect lighting, pin-sharp detail and unrivalled sharpness.

Whether your product is large or small, if you’re a one-man-band or a global brand, our professional product photography expertise and specialised macro photography equipment and techniques can help your products stand out.

Get in touch to talk about your project or to request a quote or check out our portfolio.